Holy replicas Batman! It could be this spot on copy of the Batmobile from the TV series Batman, which ran from 1966 to 1968. This weekend Courtney takes you back to the ’60s as we feature Chris Woodside’s amazing build of his favorite childhood TV car – the Batmobile! The original, built by George Barris, was based on a ’55 Lincoln Futura concept car that never went into production. Chris sourced a ’76 Pontiac Catalina wagon as his donor chassis and began a 4 year build of turning a Futura kit car into a Batmobile replica. He spent tons of hours on fiberglass work and attention to every detail to take his Bat-clone to the next level. It’s powered by a Pontiac 455. Among the exact details: Chris added a fully functional Bat-chain slicer blade that ejects through the front bumper, an emergency Bat-turn lever, a Decta-scope, the Bat-phone and a fully functional afterburner on the back that shoots flames! We had Chris park it in downtown Franklin, Tennessee and watched as people swarmed his car… it’s clear; the Bat-appeal is still there for kids of all ages- including those 40 year old kids who were around for the TV show! Barris’ original Batmobile sold at auction in January for $4.6 million dollars! This weekend on PowerBlock check out this replica…same Bat-Time, Same Bat-Channel: Spike TV – 9am ET/8am CT – October 12th & 13th. For more info check out 1966Batmobile.com